Products Preface

Most of our products are part of a larger solution that we implement. If you would like to purchase any of these items separatly we will gladly ship them to you. 


These days, when Dell sells equipment for $500.00 is hard to make someone understand the hidden costs in a piece of hardware over it's life-span. Our hardware products are geared towards companies that look at the TCO as a more important factor than the initial cost. Like with everything else that we do individual needs are of the utmost importance. Please contact us with your requirements and we will gladly make a recommendation.


While we develop custom applications, as time passed by we have adapted some of the highly custom application for public use. Watch this section for updated product information

Call Center Outsourcing Solution

Along with the many challanges a company faces customer support is one of them. Let us help you make a wonderful impression to your customers by taking your incoming calls. Whether there is order-entry, live dispatching, 24 hour answering systems, or help desk we are always there for you, and your customers. Contact us with your specific needs and we guarantee a desirable solution.

Support Center Outsourcing

Taking the call center a step further. We can answer emails / liveperson (c) type requests / and any other type of on-line customer service, or services to you that require constant staffing. We take the concept further then  the competition by providing you with a complete strategic planning process and the tactical implementation for a seamless move. Please contact us for more information.



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