Services Preface

We focus on developing rock-solid applications that are extremely efficient and affordable. Also unlike other companies our product support life span is decided by you, our client. As long as you deem a piece of software valuable to your business we will support it.

Packaged v.s. Custom software

While custom software has a higher up-fornt cost in the long run, due to it's highly customizable nature many associated Total Costs of Ownership (TCO) including training costs, hardware costs, not a rip-and-replace approach make the overall amount costs lower in some cases than the packaged products. Each business must assert the need for a custom package. Please contact us and we can help point out the different advantages to each approach.

Solution Development

What other companies call Software development we refer to as solution development. Our reach goes well beyond developing and implementing an application. While this seems to be the most important step pales in comparison with the support needed to maintain and adapt a piece of software once it has completed. The TCO of a solution is most of the times only 20% at procurement and 80% in maintenance fees. We are focusing on bringing that total cost down by better planning the solution for it's complete life-span, including the support.

Legacy systems integrations

If your business is working on the principle "If it's not broke don't fix it" but also recognizes that certain tasks can be accomplished more efficiently by adding more functionality to an already implemented solution then you are in the right place. We have extensive experience working with all kind of different systems and bringing them together.

Embedded Applications

The term reffers to the multidude of intelligent devices that can be used for specialised purposes. We can make the most out of your time by adding the features needed to make them even more usefull. We have developed applications that run on everything from simple wrist watches to the PALM and Windows CE platforms. Please contact us for more details.

Information Security

While our company belives in Open Standards , we also belive that some information is too precious for a company to be stored in a "standard" repository. You can rest assure whatever the needs are we will be able to safeguard your information. If safety needs are more phisically oriented please visit our sister company that has as a sole focus your safeguarding.

Web Design

We often get asked if there is a real need for a web-site. The most common answer to that is that there is no more need for a website than for business cards, letter heads and everything else that projects the image of your company. The real question here is how can you make this tool that can reach milions of possible customers all over the world to better use for your company. We can help, contact us.


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